Big Pigs Racing

About Us

 As you can see we like to ride motocross, and so does our family so we decided it would be properly fit for us to start a race team. Big Pig Racing was thought of after discussing the team name over a large Mexican dinner. The team consists of:

Tommy Merrell #4C

Tyler Merrell #8

Dylan Cowart #124

Chester Cowart  #4B

Jeffery Cowart #35

We all are close family and get along very well. Tommy and Tyler (Father and Son) both live in Carrabelle,Fl which is 3 hours away from the rest of the team who lives in Archer,Fl. We practice at a very technical sand track with some nasty turns and some sandy tabletops that is located at Chester Cowart's house. We also practice on Chester's 2 mile Hare Scramble course through multiple types of terrain including lots of sand and a whole lot of roots. Currently we are all racing in the FTR Hare scramble series in the beginner and vintage classes we are hastily searching for a near by (3 hours at the most) motocross track that races on Saturday. The reason that it has to be on Saturday is because we attend church faithfully on Sunday and need to be back on time for it Saturday night or extremely early Sunday Morning.

If anyone has track suggestions for Saturday races it would be appreciated.

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